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Event Calendar
Category:  Profiles
Version:  1.3.9
Size:  67KB
License:  JCL
Updated:  15 Mar 2018 08:11:04AM
Event Calendar  Event Calendar

Adds support for Events (gigs, shows, etc.) to User Profiles.

Profiles will be able to add events to a calendar and have those events show to visitors when they visit the profile.

Includes "Attending" functionality for users to indicate they are attending an event, as well as an "Attended" section for users to view the events they have attended.

08 Nov 2013 01:50:52PM @maxcinsay:
Does this module add gigs to be searchable in the whole website? We would like the users to be able to see all upcoming events in general and also all the upcoming events per artist (the second one I can see it gets done by the module for sure). On the other hand, can we link this module to your other geo-location module to filter the events results per area?
08 Nov 2013 02:00:03PM @brian:
Yes - the Events Modules hooks into jrSearch so events are searchable from the site level (the little search icon in the upper right).

As for GeoLocation, I'm not sure if that would work the way you are wanting it to work - the GeoLocation runs on latitude/longitude, and you'd want the location for events to be looked up by Address or Zip Code, which the GeoLocation module is not going to do.

I think for that your best bet would be to integrate with Google Maps or Open Street Maps:


That's not something we have a module for at this time though.

Hope this helps!

28 Oct 2014 04:08:02PM @bandwerkstatt:
it would be great, when you can invite other users from the system and invite friends via Mail or something like that
also, when you can export the events to other calanders like apple, google and so on.

thx for ur great work!