HowTo: Create the Admin User account

  • Overview

    The Admin User account is the first account created on a newly installed Jamroom CMS.

    It has a lot more powers than every other account created after it. This account is used to configure the system, add new modules and allocate resources.

    Immediately after Jamroom CMS has been installed it will look like this:
  • screenshot of a freshly installed Jamroom system
  • Close the help button by clicking CLOSE then navigate to the CREATE ACCOUNT link and create your first account.
  • Create Account

    Create Account
    screenshot of the create new user signup form
  • Continue to System Check

    Continue to System Check
    screenshot of the successful creation of the admin user
  • Continue to System Check

    The admin user will be prompted to continue to system check after their account has been successfully created. The System Check page is a tool provided by the 'System Core' module that tests whether your server meets the minimum requirements or not.

    It will show you any issues that are recommended to be fixed in order to make your server function well.
  • System Check Help Message

    System Check Help Message
    screenshot of the system check tool with a help tip displayed above it
  • The yellow help messages come from the 'System Tips' module and are intended to give you direction about what you are seeing on the page.

    Once you are comfortable finding your way around the ACP you can turn off the System Tips module to completely remove these.
  • Fix any orange result icons

    Fix any orange result icons
    screenshot of the System Check showing some icons with orange results
  • Most of the icons are showing green, this is good. Some of the icons are showing orange, this means something needs to be done to improve the system.
  • Enter Marketplace System ID

    Enter Marketplace System ID
    Screenshot of the marketplace not working
  • Click the update here link in the System Check to be taken to the location to enter your Marketplace System ID. Once this is entered you will be able to install new modules and skins directly from within your ACP.

  • screenshot of the location to enter the marketplace credentials
  • Get your Marketplace System ID from

    Login to and under your user menu locate the Your Licenses menu item.
  • screenshot of the Your License menu item on the user menu at
  • Copy the license settings

    Copy the license settings
    Screenshot of the Your Licenses page on for user michael-two
  • Enter the license code

    Enter the license code
    screenshot of the Update Marketplace screen on a jamroom install
  • Now the Marketplace is working

    Now the Marketplace is working
    screenshot of the marketplace working
  • You can now install any modules you like by clicking the "Purchase" button on the module.

    Use the same method from the SKINS tab to install new skins.

    If you want to save a lot of money over purchasing modules individually, check out the Jamroom Premium that gives you all modules made by The Jamroom Network for free.