Sponsor a Module

  • Overview

    The Jamroom Network team will build modules for the community on request.

    If you have an idea for a module that you need for your site, but that module does not exist right now,
    contact us at support at jamroom dot net with the details of the module that you would like built.
  • Cost

    Because the work done may be made available to the community the cost of development of the module will be less than customization projects that would not be released.

    The more likely your request is going to benefit all of the community, the more reasonable the cost of the module.

    Paying for module sponsorship is done to bump the priority of your module up to the top of the priority schedule.

    If you're willing to wait for it to be done, you can leave it as a suggestion in the suggestions forum and if its a good idea we will get to it eventually without sponsorship payment.

    Forums: Suggestions
  • Exclusive Modules

    If you're wanting a module built that will be exclusive to your site, that you will own once its finished, we suggest getting a different developer to build it.

    The Jamroom Network team do not build exclusive modules.
  • Examples

    Some examples of sponsored modules that exist in the marketplace currently are:

    Marketplace: "Photo Albums"

    Marketplace: "Followers to Friends"

    Marketplace: "Stream Pay"

    Marketplace: "R18"

    Many of the sponsored modules don't get released to the marketplace because they are too niche to be useful to the whole community. However if there is demand for them, they may be released in the future.