Table of Contents:

Free Download
  • Overview

    The Files module allows files to be uploaded to your profile under their own tab on the profile.

    The default file types are: .zip .pdf .txt .doc

    Other file types can be allowed from the global settings in the Admin Control Panel (ACP).
  • screenshot of some files that have been uploaded to a profile
  • Free Download

    When a file does not have a price attached to it it will be available for free download unless it has been included in a bundle.

    If a file has been included in a bundle that has been marked for sale, even if it is free it will not be downloadable outside of the bundle download.
  • screenshot of the upload interface with the default options highlighted
  • In the screenshot above:
    * The price option is added by the jrFoxyCart module.
    * The bundle only option is added by the jrFoxyCartBundle module.
    * The add to timeline is added by the jrActions module.
  • Other options for the upload interface can be added from the FORM DESIGNER. This allows you to add a text box, or other additional input fields for use.
  • screenshot of the file's item details page.