Support Center

  • overview

    The Support Center module helps you locate information on how each of the modules work.

    You can access this information either by going to the support module and looking up the module/skin your interested in, or by using the HELP tab it puts on each module installed in the system.
  • screenshot of the HELP tab on the Support Center module
  • From the HELP tab on the Support Center module you can access any of the modules installed in the system by selecting them from the dropdown box
  • screenshot of the modules that are installed in the system to select for help
  • After selecting a module to get help for the module will be displayed along with links to locations where help can be obtained.
  • screenshot of the links to locations which have help for the selected 'Audio Support' module
  • Help links added to Modules

    Along with providing a central location to look up help and support for any module that is installed, the Support Center also adds an extra tab to each of the modules.

    You do not need to come to the Support Center to lookup support for the module you are interested. If the Support Center is installed each module will have an additional HELP tab that shows the same info as above but on the module itself.
  • screenshot of the HELP tab on the 'Audio Support' module
  • The HELP tab is only visible on the 'Audio Support' module shown in the screenshot above because the Support Center module is active.

    Deactivating or removing the module will cause all modules to loose their HELP tab.
  • Help tab on a Skin

    Help tab on a Skin
    screenshot of the HELP tab visible on a skin