Photo Albums

  • overview

    The Photo Albums module is very similar to the Playlists module.
    The Playlists module allows users to browse a site that has songs on it and create their own playlists of songs that they like. Other users can then listen to that list.
    The User Photo Albums module is the same thing, but for images. Provided the Image Galleries module is installed and active, the user will be able to browse around the site and find images that they like and add them to a list that will be visible to other members.
  • How it works

    When the Image Galleries module is active, profiles who have uploaded images to their profile with it will have those images displayed on their profile.
    Users who have access to the User Photo Album module will see a camera icon when hovering above the gallery images. Clicking on it brings up the dialog to either add that image to an existing Photo Album of theirs or create a new Photo Album to add it to.
  • screenshot of the Photo Album button having been clicked on an image in a gallery
  • Once the photo has been added to the album, you can view the album of all the photos added to that album on the current users home profile.
  • screenshot of the contents of the Photo Album collection shown on the collectors home profile.
  • How is this different from the Image Galleries module?

    There is another module with a similar name: "Image Galleries"
    How are these two modules different?

    A: Well, the "Image Galleries" module is associated with the Profile where as this module "User Photo Albums" is associated with the User, and that's an important distinction.
    The User Photo Albums is similar to the User Playlists module in that it allows the user to create collections of photos that he/she is interested in even though those photos are on other peoples profiles.
    So where the 'Image Gallery' module allows you to upload your images to your profile, the 'User Photo Albums' module allows you to collect lists of photos you find around the site on other peoples profiles into interesting lists.
    The 'User Photo Albums' module requires the 'Image Gallery' module to be active so that there are images available to collect.
  • The creation of this module was sponsored by PaintMyPhoto and is in use on their site now. Go check it out. :)