Combined Audio

  • Overview

    The Combined Audio module was created to address the issue of some Jamroom site owners wanting to have a single tab on profiles for all kinds of audio.

    For audio files there are Audio files that can be uploaded directly to the server and the module of that is This one.
    Then there are audio files that can be added to the profile but streamed from Soundcloud , that module is this one.
    What the Combined Audio module does is to put both of those audio types under one tab on the profile so the visitor can find them all in one place.

    Along with combining both of those modules items, those modules are hidden from the profile.
  • screenshot of a profile before the Combined Audio module is activated
  • screenshot of the same profile after Combined Audio has been activated
  • Combined Audio requires that the Seamless module be active in order for it to be installed and work correctly.

    After the installing and activating the module, the admin user will go to the Quota Config settings and enable Combined Audio for all quotas which you want to have their audio combined.

    It is possible to have normal audio module separation for some quotas and combined audio for others.
  • screenshot of the Quota Config tab of the Combined Audio module in the ACP