BLOG - How We Monitor Your Jamroom Hosted Server

9 months ago
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Brian has just posted a new blog about how we monitor your hosted servers

Make sure and check it out and feel free to post here in the forum if you have any questions or comments :)


Paul Asher - JR Developer and System Import Specialist

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9 months ago
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That's amazing how you guys built the Nucleos server-monitoring module... !
I can vouch that my site's hosted JR server has been WAY more stable and speedy than my site ever was on Ning servers. So reliable I never even have to think about it. I like that!

I think you should announce the return of your 12G hosted level in a big's an incredible deal:

Quote: I'm excited to announce that after reworking our backup solution we've been able to lower our backend costs, and that has allowed us to re-introduce the Jamroom Hosted 12G plan!
For only $39 a month you get access to the same great features found in all Jamroom Hosted Plans...
If you’re NOT using Jamroom Hosted and are currently hosting Jamroom 5+ elsewhere, we can import your existing Jamroom site for FREE and get you up and running on the fastest and most reliable Jamroom Hosting you can get - Jamroom Hosted.

...just another satisfied Jamroom customer.
Migrated from Ning to Jamroom June 2015

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