Jamroom 6.1.6 Upgrade and TinyMCE changes

11 months ago
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The recent Jamroom 6.1.6 upgrade included an update to the latest version of the WYSIWYG editor that Jamroom uses (TinyMCE). This new version now features a mobile editor, which previous versions did not - this allows users who are on a mobile phone to have some rich editing capabilities that was previously only available to desktop and tablet users.

However, we've seen with this update that a percentage of users (typically using Chrome) will end up seeing a "blank" space where the editor should be. We spent significant time on cache busting checks to try and prevent this before the 6.1.6 roll out, and I believe it is much better now than it was at the original beta release.

However, if you have users that report they can't see the editor they will need to refresh the page by actually pressing "refresh" and/or reset caches in their browser before the new editor will show.

We know this is a bit of a pain - we believe the trade off of having the new mobile editor is worth it however, as going forward users can edit their content on any device and know it will look like they want.

If you have any questions let us know.


Brian Johnson
Founder and Lead Developer - Jamroom

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Good info Brian. I ran into this issue a few days ago.
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Thanks for the heads up Brian.

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