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If you have recently updated to the latest Share This module beta, you may have noticed that the Share This section on your detail pages has gone "missing". This is very easy to fix, and is related to the fact that Share This has completely changed the way their system works.

Here's how to upgrade:

1) Upgrade to the Share This beta module
2) Log in to your Share This dashboard:
3) On the left of the Share This dashboard you will see the various options that are available for ShareThis
4) Go into EACH option and enable and make the settings as you want
5) Give it 5 - 10 minutes for the ShareThis caching to expire and you'll see the options on your site

Share This is now 100% controlled from the Share This side of things - it is no longer configured or controlled by the module.

IMPORTANT: You must upgrade to the new version to be GPDR compliant!

If anyone has any questions, please let us know.


Brian Johnson
Founder and Lead Developer - Jamroom

updated by @brian: 11 Jun 2018 10:02:42AM
Zachary Moonshine
Zachary Moonshine
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ok i see the link thanks @brian

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