Add a private note compose button on displayed Profile Pages?

2 years ago
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When I visit the profile of a someone in my network, I sometimes have the urge to send that person a private note.

To do this I have to (i) click out of the profile and into my own account menu, (ii) find the Private Notes sub-tab and open that, (iii) click on the tab to create a new note, then (iv) compose the note and (v) send.

If it is possible to have a Private Notes tab appear in the profile title, then the aim would be to be able to send a note with a direct (i) click, (ii) compose and (ii) send sequence.... without needing to leave the profile page.

Would this be a generally useful feature? Is it technically possible?

PJ Matthews, Kyoto
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Hi PJ. I went through this a few years ago and successfully added a clickable 'envelope' image to my members' profile pages. You can see it under their profile pic on my site for example here in the left column (if you look at it from a laptop or desktop):
It works great on my site. --Not sure exactly where it shows on a phone, i hate scrolling and squinting my way through websites on a

If you can get through this rather loooog thread from 4 yrs ago, it shows what code and where i used for it:

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