What is a Text Formatter?

  • Overview

    Active Text Formatters alter the way the post that has been input by the user is displayed to the viewer. They are settable by Quota so features can be given or limited to any group of profiles.
    Text Formatters provide the functions like turning : ) into a smiley face image, or allowing bbcode to work in a users posted content.
    Some Text Formatters are provided by core, and some extra ones are provided by modules.

    They are all activated or de-activated from the Core module's Quota Config page.
  • screenshot of the Active Text Formatters for a certain Quota.
  • An example of a module that provides a Text Formatter is the Media Url Scanner moudle
  • Allow HTML

    If active, any HTML tags defined in the Allowed HTML Tags setting will be allowed in the text.
  • Convert @ Tags

    If active, links to User Profiles written as @profile_name will be linked to the actual User Profile.
  • Media URL Scanner

    If active, text is scanned for media urls and if found they are replaced with an embedded player.

    Provided by the Media URL Scanner module
  • Allow BBCode

    If active, BBCode tags will be expanded to HTML tags.
  • Validate iframes

    If active, iframe src values will be checked to be sure the URL is an allowed domain.

    Provided by the iFrame Control module
  • Allow Smileys

    If active, smiley text patterns, as defined by admin in the jrSmiley module tools, will be replaced with the corresponding graphic.

    Provided by the Smiley Support module
  • Convert Embed Tags

    If active, Embed Tags (i.e.
    ) will be converted to the proper HTML to show the embedded item.

    Provided by the Editor Embed Media module
  • Convert # Tags

    If active, hash tags written as #tag will be linked up to a tag search.