Welcome to the Jamroom 5 documentation!
If you haven't already, you can download Jamroom 5 here:

Download the Jamroom Core

How This Works

Each developer who releases modules or skins for Jamroom 5 is responsibile for documenting their products. These documents will be found in the Documentation tab of the developer's profile.

Developers provide support for their products on their Jamroom Network Profile. Links to the latest updated documentation can be found at the bottom of this page.

Follow Developers

Jamroom.net uses Jamroom 5 just like your site - if you are using third party modules or skins, make sure and Follow the developer!

While logged in, go to the developer profile who you want to follow and click on the Follow button at the top of their profile. When updates area released, you will be kept in the loop!


The following documentation contains links to Jamroom Developer profiles - each developer on Jamroom.net provides documentation for their products - make sure and contact the developer if you have any questions.

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